Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is all around us, for those who have eyes to see. How do we as Christians better prepare for this battle?

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“Seek and ye shall find.”

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Oh, great another Bible podcast! Wipe that bored look off your face! We are not your common, garden variety Bible podcast. Lean in here, I’ll tell you a secret. Did you know your Bible is more exciting than any Marvel movie? What if I told you its chalked full of GIANTS, GODS, and DRAGONS!? I know what you’re thinking this guy is a hyeritic! What if I told you, that we as humanity are caught in the crossfire of a war of the gods!? It’s there for those with eyes to see, right inside that Bible of yours (which LORD knows how long it’s been since it’s been opened.) on your coffee table. But, hey it’s not your fault. You have just missed the most fascinating parts of it!

We as a human race have been duped by Satan in the garden, and kicked out of paradise. Then some angels rebelled against God and created half breed Demi-God giants (Think Thor, Hercules, and Achilleus), the Bible in Genesis 6 says these were the mighty men of old, the men of renown. Then at the Tower of Babel we traded our dominion of this planet to those fallen angels, and we’ve been caught in a spiritual war ever since.

Think I’m crazy? I tell you what, take the 5 episode challenge, if you’re not too afraid of having your paradigm forever changed. Remove all your filters and preconceived notions, listen to the first 5 episodes (they are in order to your right), I PROMISE you, you will be reading your Bible again in a whole new way. You will actually be excited to read your Bible again. We pride ourselves on quoting scripture on everything we say. So, what do you say? You ready to DIG deeper into God’s word?

“You can’t lean on a shovel and pray for a hole, you gotta DIG!!”

We dive deep into the word, hopefully we show you some things you never noticed before.

We study the entire Bible. We don’t avoid “the weird stuff”, especially GIANTS.

We “dig” through the “extra biblical books”, because if Paul, Jesus, Peter and Jude directly quote from it, means they read and believed it.

Why You’ll Love Us

There is never been a better time to “dig” back into God’s word. With the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, new archeological finds, and recently translated tablets. God said in the last days he would pour out his spirit and knowledge would increase. DON’T BE LEFT BEHIND.

  • We dig into the Greek
  • We dig into the Hebrew
  • We dig into the symbolism
  • We dig into “extra Biblical”
  • We dig into the archeology

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I read my Bible more now.”

“I believe highly in this group of guys. They have helped me see things in a different light. I read my Bible more now and I understand so much more just listening to them. I am proud of y’all, and God’s proud of yall for spreading the word. I don’t know a few of you personally, but one day I hope to have that chance. Thank you for doing this for us. Each of you are in my prayers daily.”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I like how the subjects are explained.”

“I love your show…I’ve listened to all of them and can’t wait for more. I found you guys thru one of Dr. Michael Heiser’s groups or Blurry Creatures Podcasts, I can’t remember. Anyway, I like how the subjects are explained to where I can understand better than in some of the groups I’m in.”


Rating: 4 out of 5.

“These guys changed how I read my Bible.”

“These guys changed how I read my Bible. I’ve been a Christian for most of my life, and never heard these stories they way these guys tell it! Crazy thing it was there the entire time and just looked over it.”


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